Sap Maple Seltzer Water Case of 16 USDA Organic Non Gluten Non G...

Sap Maple Seltzer Water Case of 16 USDA Organic Non Gluten Non G...

Sap Maple Seltzer Water Case of 16 USDA Organic Non Gluten Non GMO Delicious Alternative With Only 40 calories Low Glycemic and Contains Electrolytes and 46 Natural Nutrients

Sap is simple, one tasty ingredient simple. Just all pure maple sap harvested from the maple trees of Vermont with naturally occurring electrolytes, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and nutrients that refresh, replenish, and rehydrate the body.

Sparkling, with a natural sweetness, Sap is free of preservatives and additives. Enjoy the taste and thank you for supporting the Vermont working landscape. Every spring, the transition from freezing nights to thawing days triggers the flow of sap within the mighty maple tree. Once a tree is tapped, maple sap comes out of the tree looking like water and has a subtly sweet taste.

But Sap is so much more than just H20. It is also about tradition. Our products make the time-honored tradition of the maple harvest accessible to everyone, while supporting the Vermont working landscape and rural economy.

Our Maple Seltzer is a clear drink with a subtle and slightly sweet natural flavor that is a great hydration drink or alternative to a typical sugary soda but you can also enjoy Sap as a nutritious smoothie mixer or even as a wonderful cocktail mixer.

pure maple sap
40 calories
9 grams sugar
USDA Organic
Non Gluten
46 Naturally Occurring Nutrients
Prebiotics (Good for Gut Health)

At Sap we have been receiving media attention for our clean, healthy drinks and we excited to have you try the drinks that replace coconut water

There are so many exciting trends in just one can. This line is expanding from the maple soda and seltzers to include the whole forest. This new birch water soda is made by tapping the sap from birch trees, which offers a subtle caramel flavor in this light bubbly drink. It's also an excellent and innovative example of sparkling drinks or waters with low sugar and plant-based or health-focused ingredients. Elly Truesdell, Whole Foods
  • Refreshing beverage naturally low in calories, non gluten, non dairy, vegan and non GMO
  • Sap uses pure maple sap that is sourced, grown and produced in Vermont
  • Each can contains 46 naturally occurring vitamins, minerals, polyphenols, antioxidants and prebiotics
  • A healthy alternative to sugary drinks and sodas that makes an excellent post workout hydration option, smoothie mixer and a great cocktail mixer.
  • The light clean taste of Sap has no added sugar and naturally half the sugar of most coconut water.
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