Secrets of Tea - Babies Magic & Babies Sleep Bundle - USDA Organ...

Secrets of Tea - Babies Magic & Babies Sleep Bundle - USDA Organ...

Sanitized maternity teas (Baby Tea Bundle)

We are USDA Organic and FDA Certified Herbal Tea Company based in the USA. All of our recipes are time tested and have been past down from generations. We use only the most premium, highest quality ingredients for our teas with love and care given in each tea product we produce. All of our teas can be prepared hot or cold and come in unbleached biodegradable tea bags. Rest assured we offer teas for everyone, whether you are a mom or dad or have kids and/or babies.
  • ✅YOUR BABY WILL SLEEP THROUGH THE NIGHT AND SO WILL YOU: If your BABY is experiencing discomfort, grimacing, crying, excessive gas, and redness in face, our proven centuries old recipe will help allievate and resolve those related colic issues so you and your baby can sleep peacefully at night
  • ✅ONLY THE BEST QUALITY INGREDIENTS OF A FDA APPROVED TEA: Take comfort in knowing that each and every tea we produce is completely Vegan, USDA Organic, Kosher Certified with No Preservatives and is Dairy, Gluten, and Soy Free
  • ✅TOTALLY SAFE & ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: Each tea bag is biodegradable, safe, and easy to prepare. Each tea bag in their 20 tea bag container can produce up to 2 servings worth hot or cold.
  • ✅ABUNDANCE AMOUNT OF HEALTH BENEFITS: Our tea is full of antioxidants that will reduce free radicals, support the immune system, fight colds, reduce inflammation, and much much more
  • ✅HAPPY EXPERIENCE OR YOUR MONEY BACK: As a family-orientated company, we value our customers. Effective, organic products above anything else. We offer a full money back guarantee, no hassle and no questions asked.
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