Spicy World Whole Nutmeg 1 Pound 16oz - 80+ Pieces!

Spicy World Whole Nutmeg 1 Pound 16oz - 80+ Pieces!

Spicy World Whole Nutmeg 1 Pound (16oz) - 80+ Pieces!

Nutmeg is the kernel of a fruit resembling an apricot. It has a deliciously sweet and nutty flavor. It will enhance your favorite meat, soup and preserves. It also adds an exotic touch to baked goods such as cookies, cakes and pies.Nutmeg is an aromatic spice used in both sweet and savory dishes. Whole seeds are cultivated from the nutmeg tree, which is native to several Indonesian islands. It's warm and slightly sweet quality enhances the flavor of stews, potatoes, eggs, meats, custards, baked goods, eggnogs and mulled wines. To achieve optimal flavor potency, grate fresh with a nutmeg grinder or microplaner and use immediately. One whole nutmeg grated yields 2 to 3 teaspoons of ground nutmeg. The Spice Hunter line of premium products enhances your cooking with delicious aromas, vibrant colors, and bold spices. Lucia Cleveland started The Spice Hunter from her home in California to introduce home cooks to authentic global flavors. From her travels to the mountains of Greece for Oregano to the sweet Highland Harvested Saigon Cinnamon from Vietnam, Lucia sought out the highest quality ingredients to bring back for The Spice Hunter. Today, we continue to inspire creative cooks with one-of-a- kind flavors from around the world. Check out all of The Spice Hunter products available in gourmet spices, organic spices, spice blends, turkey brine, organic seasoning mixes and organic dip mixes.
  • Extremely fresh and fragrant nutmeg whole packaged fresh right here in the USA!
  • A value sized bag at a great price! This is 1 pound of Whole Nutmeg Seeds - there are over 80 pieces inside
  • Enjoy freshly grated nutmeg at home and experience the difference in taste. There is truly no comparison
  • Store in refrigerator to keep fresh for a long time.
  • Trust and quality - from Spicy World
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