Teroforma 1pt BARREL Infusion Blend for Alcohol & Spirits – Flav...

Teroforma 1pt BARREL Infusion Blend for Alcohol & Spirits – Flav...

Teroforma 1pt BARREL Infusion Blend for Alcohol & Spirits – Flavor Infuser Packets for Home Infusion (Single Pack)

The Barrel Blend is best with Vodka / Gin / Tequila / White Rum / Dark Rum / Bourbon Pack Notes: The entry-level 1pt Single Pack is the easiest and most economical way to enter the world of infusion. Containing enough blend material to infuse a single standard bottle of spirits, the 1pt Single Pack includes 2 blend packets allowing you to infuse half bottles at a time. Designed to work directly with the 1pt Infusion Bottle, simply add one packet to the infusion basket, pour in the spirit of choice, and presto - infusion nirvana! Blend Notes: This refined mixture of exotic teas combines with perfumed notes of clove, dandelion root, and vanilla to produce a powerful, elegant, woody blend with notes of leather that pairs deliciously with dark spirits. Unapologetically rich and sophisticated.
  • CONSISTENT BLEND EVERY TIME - 1pt Infusion Blends come in pre-measured packets so you'll always have the right measurement for your liquor. Use 1 packet for a half bottle of standard spirits (375 ml) or 2 packets for an entire bottle (750 ml).
  • INFUSE IN UNDER 6 HOURS - Infusing alcohol in a short period of time can be a game changer when you're trying to get your last-minute party plans finished. Depending upon your desired level of flavor, 1pt blends are designed to infuse in only 2-6 hours.
  • INFUSE WITH CONFIDENCE - Teroforma has taken the guesswork out of infusion with ONE PART blends. The sugar-free natural flavor packets are crafted from the finest ingredients that won't affect the shelf life of your alcohol.
  • WORKS WITH A RANGE OF SPIRITS - When you think of flavored liquors you think of pre-made vodkas or spiced rum. 1pt blends are designed to go beyond that and are designed to blend with your favorite gin, whiskey, bourbon, or tequila as well as vodka and rum.
  • FIND YOUR BLEND - 1pt Infusion Blends come in individual flavors or a variety pack so whether you're a first-time infuser or experienced mixologist you can find the right package for you.
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