Thats It Fruit Bar | Thats It Bars Apple Strawberry | Thats I...

Thats It Fruit Bar | Thats It Bars Apple Strawberry | Thats I...

That's It Fruit Bar | That's It Bars Apple Strawberry | That's It Apple Mango | All Natural Fruit Bars | 4 That's It Apple Strawberry | 4 That's It Apple Mango | Healthy Snack Bar Pack Of 8 (2 flavors

2 great flavors of That's it fruit bars in one place. Whether you are starting the day, hitting the trail or gym, packing the kids lunch or looking for an emergency snack, That's it bars are the perfect healthy snack choice.

These sweet and chewy fruit bars are made from simple ingredients from real plant foods. That's it bars have 5 or fewer ingredients, That's it! Two fruits in every That's it bar.

Enjoy 4 That's it Apple + Strawberry bars and 4 That's it Apple + Mango bars.

  • That's It Apple Strawberry Bars Are 100% Natural and Packed With 2 Real Fruit Servings. That's It Fruit Bars Are Made From Natural, Non-Gmo Fruit With No Added Preservatives, Colors, or Added Sugars from Purees, Concentrates, or Juices.
  • That's It Apple Mango Bars Are a Great Snack Bar for on the Go. Guilt Free Snacking, That's It Fruit Bars Are the Healthy Choice for on the Go, a Quick Breakfast, for Travelling, Heading to the Gym, or for a Satisfying Mid-Morning Snack! Vegan, Paleo & Kosher Friendly. Two Whole Servings of Fruit Just From One That's It Fruit Bar
  • That's It Bars Are That Simple. That's It Fruit Bars Give You Two Pieces of Fruit in Every Bar, Without the Hassle of Washing, Peeling, or Cutting. Give Your Body the Daily Nutrition That a That's It Fruit Bars Provide; the Ideal Snack for Children, Teens, Adults and Athletes. High in Fiber, 100% Real Fruit Snack
  • That's It Fruit Bars Are Made in a Manufacturing Facility That Is Top 8 Allergen-Free. That's It Snacks Are Free From Contact With the 8 Major Food Allergen Groups (Milk, Eggs, Peanuts, Tree Nuts (Except Coconut), Fish, Shellfish, Soy, and Wheat).
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