The Bake Shoppe Professional Pie Crust Mix 4-Pack - Regular Size

The Bake Shoppe Professional Pie Crust Mix 4-Pack - Regular Size

The Bake Shoppe 4-Pack Professional Pie Crust Regular Size Mix

Four individual packages--Regular 19 oz size. This mix is so simple and so proven that you'll make perfect pies every time. This is the professional pie crust mix that many bakeries in the United States use. It's simple. It's foolproof. Just add water and mix it for a minute or two. As soon as it forms a dough ball, you're ready to go. You don't have to cut butter or shortening into the flour and you'll never have a hard or tough crust. Amazing. Give it a try and bake like a pro. Other things you should know about making pies: Soggy bottoms: The bottom crust can get soggy, especially with fruit pies, if it is not baked all the way through. The solution is usually a dark pie pan. A dark pan absorbs heat rather than reflects it. Crispy crusts: The top edge of the pie is exposed to all of the heat. A pie shield covers the top crust, a ring, to reflect the heat. That allows you to bake the pie longer to solve the soggy bottom problem. Often home bakers will put tin foil over the top edge to try to protect it. A pie shield works better and you don't have pieces of tin foil falling into your pumpkin pie. There you have it-how to bake a perfect pie. You can do it from scratch but it's easier and quicker with a mix. Most modern bake shops use a mix. You can be assured of a perfect flakey crust-just like theirs.
  • This includes four individual packages--Regular 19 oz size
  • Just add water
  • Makes up to 2 pie crust per package
  • Try it and bake like a pro!
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