Turkish Delight (Rose) Lokum (7 0z)

Turkish Delight (Rose) Lokum (7 0z)

Turkish Delight with Fantastic Rose Flavor (No Nuts) Luxury %100 Hand Made Lokum Candy Dessert Gourmet Box (Approx.20 Pcs) 7 Oz

Turkish delight is one of the most traditional and delicious Turkish sweets with 600 years of history. It began to known in Anatolia from the 15th century and became popular in the Ottoman Empire from the 17th century. In Europe, an English traveler takes the first Turkish delight to England and is based there on her 18th anniversary as "Turkish Delight" (Turkish Delight). -Amazing taste from the middle east -No Additives or preservatives -Great for Snacking -GLUTEN FREE -VEGAN FOOD - Consumers having food allergy should read ingredients
  • DELICIOUS GOURMET TURKISH DELIGHT WITH PURE ROSE FLAVOR: Amazing rose taste from the middle east -Glucose Free -GLUTEN FREE -VEGAN FOOD -No Additives or Preservatives -Made with original beet root sugar (No glucose syrup)- Great for Snacking
  • (CRZ) CEREZ PAZARI: One Of the Biggest Gourmet Food Provider For Over 400 Luxury Hotels And Restaurants In Turkey. We are not a 3rd party re-seller, we are the manufacturer of Turkish delight and have a U.S. based company.
  • PRODUCTS: Please try our other different turkish delight flavors. All of our Turkish delights are made from maize (corn) starch.
  • FRESHLY PRODUCED: %100 Hand Made & Imported From ISTANBUL,TURKEY
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