WOHO 100% pure Muscadine Cocktail Juice 25.4 oz (750ml), Powerfu...

WOHO 100% pure Muscadine Cocktail Juice 25.4 oz (750ml), Powerfu...

WOHO 100% pure Muscadine Cocktail Juice 25.4 oz (750ml), Powerful Antioxidants, Not From Concentrate

Muscadines are grapes which are native to southeastern United States, and have been cultivated since the 16th Century. It is grown in Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Louisiana, Virginia, West Virginia, and especially in North Carolina. They thrive on heat and grow well in warm and humid climates. The muscadine grapes usually are very dark pigmented. They range from bronze, dark purple to black in color when ripe. There are wild varieties that remain green in maturity. The skin is tough, so it is often discarded. Many of the health benefits are in the skin. They are one of the largest grapes and stand out because of their globe shape and diameter. Muscadines are used in wines, jams, juice, and grape jelly. The full health benefits come from the whole fruit with the skin, pulp, juice and seeds. About 90% of the health benefits are in the skin and seeds. Most grapes are bred to be seedless; this is the one grape that has the seeds intact. NUTRITION BENEFITS Muscadine grapes thrive in climates and conditions that would kill most European grapes. Surviving the tough conditions of the Southeast makes the muscadine grape stronger and more packed with antioxidants and nutrients than any other grape. Fruits develop their antioxidants and polyphnols to protect themselves from attack. Grapes have 19 pairs of chromosomes, Muscadines have 20 pairs. These extra chromosomes bring with it phytochemicals and nutrients, which other varieties of grapes don't possess. Muscadine grapes have 6 times the resveratrol content of red grapes. It is the only grape that contains ellagic acid, and it has more fiber than rice or oat bran. This is the grape with 40 times higher antioxidant levels of any red grape. Suggested Use:Take at least 4 fl.oz(118ml) daily. Ingredients: 100% Muscadine Grape Juice Sulfites. Made In U.S.A
  • North Carolina Secret Since 1500s
  • Cold Press Non-GMO Gluten Free Soy Free Sugar Free Dairy Free Preservative Free Cholesterol Free
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