Zero Calorie Wonder Noodles Combo Pack | Kosher, Vegan-Friendly,...

Zero Calorie Wonder Noodles Combo Pack | Kosher, Vegan-Friendly,...

Zero Calorie Wonder Noodles Combo Pack | Kosher, Vegan-Friendly, Carb-Free Noodles | No Sugar, No Fat | Ready to Eat Gluten Free Pasta Diet Food | Spaghetti (14oz), Fettuccine (14oz), Rice 14oz()

Are you a pasta lover but your diet or health issues are their enemy? Not Anymore!➤ Do you have a gluten intolerance issue or follow a low carb, keto or paleo diet but want to enjoy pasta every once in a while?➤ Not having much luck finding a great tasting low calorie pasta substitute?If you answered YES to any of those questions,
then our Wonder Noodles is the solution you’ve been searching far and wide for but came up empty.How General Nature Stands Out!
Our goal was to create a zero-calorie diet food that is not only good for your health but tastes fantastic too.
Through rigorous testing and trying different combinations, Wonder Noodles was eventually born.Our customers believe Wonder Noodles are the best zero calorie noodles on the market, PERIOD.
They have a fantastic texture and smell, unlike some other brands that can taste like rubber or cardboard and give off an unpleasant odor.
We’re not saying Wonder Noodles taste identical to authentic fresh pasta, BUT they come darn close!Here’s what’s included in this combo pack:
✅ Spaghetti – 14 Ounces
✅ Fettuccine – 14 Ounces
✅ Rice – 14 OuncesIngredients:
The Noodles are made from Water, Yam Flour, Lime and Oat Flour and Rice from Water, Yam Flour, Lime.Wonder Noodles have:
❌ 0 Carbs, 0 Fat, 0 Sugar, 0 Calories.
✔ Kosher, Vegan, Wheat Free, Gluten free, Soy Free, Low GI and contain No MSG.⏲ They’ll be ready in minutes!
Strain and add to your favorite sauces and soups or you can microwave the low carb noodles in a heatproof bowl for 2 minutes.Popular choice for:
Ketogenic Diets
Low Carb Diets like Atkins
Paleo and Primal
Individuals with Celiac disease
Anyone looking to improve their healthYou’ve tried the rest, now buy the best!
Buy them today to enjoy your favorite pasta and rice dishes 100% guilt free everyday!
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