We were a registered Black Angus farm when friends with autistic children visited us in 2004. They believed that dietary aspects had a role in autism and said that if we guaranteed that one of our steers was exclusively grass-fed, they’d buy it, and more importantly, they’d appreciate it.

We realized then that we could provide local products of huge importance.  We read about grass-fed beef and learned how little the term “organic” meant because organic beef is still finished on corn, which has a negative impact on human health. We found scientific studies proving that cattle were meant to eat grass and when you feed cattle corn, there’s a major price to pay in terms of human health.  And we learned that we could help our friends and everyone, by offering a superior product – 100% Grass-fed & finished Black Angus.

We never expected that our business might morph into something that truly made a difference in people’s lives.  Today, we absolutely know that that’s the case.

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