In 1992, the Joon brothers and their father (a fisherman in Korea) designed this shop for their family operation to serve the neighborhood. The fish catches were different for the elder Mr. Joon, but he loved to learn about new creatures. The Joon family was embraced by locals and soon tailored their product range to the demands of their new customers.

Today they run a busy shop with walk-in, business, and catering customers eager to explore and eat their fine fare. The Joons welcome you to visit and see what takes your fish fancy.

The Joons buy what they need for the day, so come early, before the fresh fish flies away!

What You’ll Find

  • Excellent range of fresh and frozen fish
  • A great seafood selection
  • Live lobsters
  • Fish prep and sauce items
  • Fresh-fried fish and seafood items

Store Hours