Since 2005, in the rolling hills of Sussex County, NJ, ostriches wander our fields. After 15 years in the meat business, owner/farmer Todd Applebaum was inspired by growing demand for healthy, all-natural meat and farm-to-table availability. So now, on the farm, we answer that call. We mix our own feed using all-natural, local 100% vegetarian ingredients, free of hormones & antibiotics.

Roaming Acres Farm has expanded to offer other healthy meat alternatives, such as 100% certified Berkshire hogs known for their succulent marbling and intense flavor. Raised to our high-quality & care standards, our Berkshire pork is valued for its supreme taste. We’re also moving forward with raising our own free-range, grass-fed Buffalo.¬†But ostrich was our start, so try it out. Think of it like a big filet mignon with wings.

What you’ll find

  • Fresh Ostrich cuts
  • Famous Berkshire Pork
  • Our own stock of Beef and Bison

Store Hours
Sunday 8-2