Since 1965 we’ve grown bigger, better, and exotic; like our neighborhoods. Our customers like what’s fresh (or ‘fresko‘ in Greek.), like I did in Ourpakia on the island Lefkada as a boy. I left for NYC in 1961 and became a produce clerk, learning what inspired people to return (and even cook more). Then, with the owner’s help and blessing, I bought his store, which is now our large and famous Westside Market, where a glorious bounty of produce sets the scene for non-stop service and the best quality foods.

My wife Maria oversees the kitchen and product selection, as our children help run our four west side stores.  My family and staff look forward to providing you with what’s great. We stock the standards and explore the exotic.
Thank you for helping us grow our grocery supermarket to serve you better,
John Zoitas and family

What You’ll Find

  • John’s amazing, inspiring produce section(s) – Second to none
  • Fresh fish that’s wild-caught, organic, farmed and filleted
  • A range of meats from near and far; organic, grass fed, and traditional
  • 450 imported and domestic cheeses (selling 1+ tons per day)
  • 600+ fresh prepared food items daily (by Maria!)
  • A dozen bakeries deliver goods daily
  • Gluten free items and other dietary needs are in stock
  • Renowned catering for almost any event
  • 10,000+ square feet of food retail to satisfy recipes and appetites

Store Hours
Open 24 hours, 7 days a week