Study Garners Variety of Reactions

turkeyA new study released by Consumer Reports sparked a lot of discussion after it was established that turkey products without antibiotics recorded lower drug resistance levels as compared to other products on the market. For some, the results of the study were shocking, while others figured that the study further proved that turkey had amazing standards of food safety.

One of the corporations shocked by the results was the NTF (The National Turkey Federation) that stated the results were misguided and highly sensitive. According to the Federation, Consumer Reports wasted an opportunity to set up a platform for constructive discussion about the nation’s standards of food safety with their report, which was allegedly based on findings collected from a small field of data.

The findings that the Federation were particularly against included the mention of the antibiotics that are rarely used by farmers. Ciproflaxacin, which was also included in the report, has not been in use for about eight years, stated NTF.

Others feel that the report shows a need for the FDS to be more involved in food safety and take measures that are more stern in upholding high standards. The report only proves further, according to its supporters, that more has to be done within the industry. They also find it tragic that antibiotics, among the greatest of human achievements, are just being wasted as they are. It is crucially important that the issue of antibiotic resistance be addressed before we are thrown back to the dark ages where common infections were fatal.

There are still those who view the results as positive indicators of how safe the poultry products actually are. According to AMI (American Meat Institute), the report shows just how much effort processors within the turkey industry are putting in to control harmful bacteria.


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