Super C

Super C is a discount supermarket chain based in Canada. This discount chain is owned by a parent company, Metro Incorporated. The Super C chain has its headquarters in Quebec, Canada.

Super C stores first starting operating in 1991. Prior to the stores’ inception, there were first Super Carnaval stores operating in Quebec. Super C stores can be considered descendants of Super Carnaval stores, which were founded in 1982.

In 1985, Super Carnaval stores were bought by Metro-Richelieu. In the later part of 1991, Super Carnaval stores changed its name to Super C. It is not clear however, if these Super C stores are legally Super Carnaval stores that are only operating in another name, or if these Super C stores are entirely a different body. Since the stores’ name was changed, Super C has undergone considerable expansion when it bought several Steinberg’s outlets in 1992, through Metro Inc.

Aside from its acquisitions, Super C has also expanded by building new freestanding stores and obtaining leases of a number of vacant spaces in shopping malls. Currently, few Super C stores were once Super Carnaval stores.

In 2006, a number of Super C stores in the province of Ontario were converted to Loeb or Food Basics stores. Only 9 Super C stores in Ontario remained as they were. The Super C store in Pembroke, Ontario was closed, and soon after, Value Village occupied the building.

Today, under the ownership of Metro, Inc., there are over 70 Super C stores in the area of Quebec. These stores average 4,103 square meters in size. Each Super C store offers about 8,000 products, which include about 1,200 products from its private label. Some of the products sold in Super C stores include bakery goods, butcher goods, deli products, general grocery items, meat and poultry products, fresh produce, snacks, beer, dairy products, frozen foods and seafood. In some Super C locations, liquor products are also offered. Super C stores also offer pharmacy services to its customers. Because Super C is a discount chain, products sold in the stores are offered at very reasonable prices. Other retail supermarket chains that are under Metro, Inc. include Food Basics and Loeb Stores.

Headquarters: Montreal, Quebec
Ownership Type: A subsidiary of Metro, Incorporated
Employees: Information not available
Geography: Canada
Demography: Retail products consumers

Super C

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