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Let’s Go Krogering with the Kroger Co.

Probably one of the best-known advertising slogans by the Kroger Company is ‘Let’s go Krogering,’ that the supermarket chain runs with an accompanying jingle. The Kroger Co. is a supermarket [...]

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Kentucky Kroger Approves Union Deal

Kroger’s Mid-South division based in Louisville, Kentucky has passed a new labor agreement with United Food & Commercial Workers Union Local 227. The agreement, as the company says, will provide [...]

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The Many Faces of Kroger

When it comes to finding the biggest, traditional food retailer in the U.S. just look to the many aspects of Kroger (NYSE: KR). Their annual intake for groceries is $65.7 [...]

  • Food 4 Less

Food 4 Less

Food 4 Less is a chain of warehouse grocery stores that is headquartered in Compton, California. The grocery chain is a subsidiary of grocery giant Kroger, Inc. History The name [...]

  • FoodsCo Stores

Foods Co.

Foods Co. is a discount grocery store chain owned by The Kroger Co. This grocery chain aims at providing customers with the freshest quality of food at the lowest possible [...]

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