• kroger

Let’s Go Krogering with the Kroger Co.

Probably one of the best-known advertising slogans by the Kroger Company is ‘Let’s go Krogering,’ that the supermarket chain runs with an accompanying jingle. The Kroger Co. is a supermarket [...]

  • Scotts Foods and Pharmacy


Scott’s Food and Pharmacy is a small chain of supermarkets in the state of Indiana in America. They sell a selection of products including baked goods, frozen food, meat and [...]

  • QFC Stores


QFC (Quality Food Centers) is a supermarket chain owned by The Kroger Co. The company is based in Bellevue, Washington in the United States. History QFC was founded in 1955 [...]

  • Kroger

The Many Faces of Kroger

When it comes to finding the biggest, traditional food retailer in the U.S. just look to the many aspects of Kroger (NYSE: KR). Their annual intake for groceries is $65.7 [...]

  • Food 4 Less

Food 4 Less

Food 4 Less is a chain of warehouse grocery stores that is headquartered in Compton, California. The grocery chain is a subsidiary of grocery giant Kroger, Inc. History The name [...]

  • Darigold

Darigold, Inc.

Darigold, Incorporated is the processing and marketing subsidiary of Northwest Dairy Association, or NDA. The company’s headquarters are located in Washington, USA. History Darigold was founded in 1918 as a [...]

  • Cellfire


Cellfire is a company engaged primarily in electronic commerce. The company is considered as an innovator in the area of digital promotions and coupons in the United States market. History [...]

  • Savingstar

Kroger Partners with SavingStar to Provide Couponing Convenience to Grocery Shoppers

Kroger has recently announced that it will now be offering its shoppers the opportunity to redeem their SavingStar e-coupons. They can do this by using their Kroger Loyalty Card, also [...]

  • FredMeyer

Fred Meyer

Fred Meyer is a hypermarket chain owned by The Kroger Co. The company is also known by the nickname Freddy’s. History Fred Meyer was founded in 1922 by Fred .G. [...]

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