• flood sign

Supermarkets Kept Closed over Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy has continued to show its power and sheer strength. The effects of the hurricane are being felt by all with the power outages forcing some stores to keep [...]

  • acme


ACME was founded in 1891 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, by two Irish immigrants, Samuel Robinson and Robert Crawford in South Philadelphia. Etymology: The root of the word Acme is thought to [...]

  • Grocery History


Definition: Grocery is commonly known as the business or premises of a grocer; the person who deals in foods, meats, produce, dairy products, household supplies and staples. The term Grocery [...]

  • Kraft Foods

A New Cooking Crème from Kraft Foods

Kraft Foods, Inc. has launched a new product that will add exciting flavor to any chicken dish. This new product is called the Philadelphia Cooking Crème. This new cooking crème [...]

  • Tasty Baking

Tasty Baking Company

Tasty Baking Company is a Pennsylvania based manufacturer of snack foods.  The company's products include 149 varieties of cakes, donuts, pies, brownies, snack bars and pretzels. History The pioneers of [...]

  • McCormick & Company, Inc

McCormick & Company, Inc

McCormick and Company Incorporated is engaged in the production, distribution and marketing of seasonings, spices, flavorings and specialty foods. It is one of the world’s leading competitors in the food [...]

  • Acme Supermarkets

Acme Markets

Acme Markets is a Philadelphia-based supermarket chain that now operates 125 supermarkets under the Acme name in four states. History Acme was established by Samuel Robinson and Robert Crawford in [...]

  • Bottom Dollar Food

Bottom Dollar Food

Bottom Dollar Food is a grocery chain owned by Food Lion LLC that sells primarily pre-packaged food items at a discounted price. History The first Bottom Dollar Food model was [...]

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