• canteloupe

Salmonella Outbreak from Cantaloupes

The salmonella outbreak in the country has now claimed two lives and has left several ailing in 20 states. The states that have reported the same strain of salmonella (Salmonella [...]

  • Winn-Dixie LEASA Sprouts

Winn-Dixie Recalls LEASA-branded Sprouts For Potential Bacterial Contamination

Retail giant Winn-Dixie Stores Inc. is recalling several batches of LEASA-branded sprouts due to a possible bacterial contamination. The products are believed to be contaminated with harmful bacteria Salmonella. Salmonella [...]

  • Alfalfa Sprouts

Green Valley Food Expands Recall of Alfalfa Sprouts

Texas-based Green Valley Food Corporation has recently expanded its recall of its Alfalfa Sprouts. The recall was initiated because of a possible bacterial contamination, specifically of the bacteria Salmonella. The [...]

  • chili peppers

Certain Kinds of Chili Peppers Recalled for Being a Potential Health Risk

Food company Cal Fresco, LLC is voluntarily recalling its Jalapeno chili peppers, as well as its Serrano chili peppers. These particular produce products are believed to be contaminated by the [...]

  • Pacific Cilantro

Cilantro Recalled for Possible Salmonella Contamination

California-based food company Pacific International Marketing is voluntary recalling its Cilantro, with the assistance of the Food and Drug Administration. The recalled cilantro are believed to be contaminated by the [...]

  • Recalled grape tomatoes

Grape Tomatoes Recalled for Possible Bacterial Contamination

Missouri-based food company Front Row Produce is recalling some batches of its grape tomatoes for a possible bacterial contamination. The grape tomatoes are believed to have been contaminated by the [...]

  • Richardsons Farm Market Apple Cider

Richardsons Farm Market Apple Cider Recall

The CFIA has announced a public warning against certain batches of apple cider sold under the “Richardson’s Farm Market” brand. The apple cider product is believed to be contaminated by [...]

  • turkishpinenuts

A Product Recall for Bulk-Sold Pine Turkish Nuts

New York-based supermarket chain Wegman’s announced a product recall the last week of October for Turkish pine nuts that were sold in several of its stores. The pine nuts are [...]

  • Soy flour Recall

Soy Flour Recalled For Salmonella Contamination

Michigan-based cooperative, the same producers of  Thumb Oil seed, announced a product recall last October 4th. The recalled product is a kind of soy flour used in the making of [...]

  • Earth Fare

Salmonella on Earth Fare’s Spicy Bean Burgers

There was a recall announced about Earth Fare of North Carolina, for specific lots of its Spicy Bean Burger. The products were recalled because of a possible bacterial contamination. The [...]

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