• Goldfish-Crackers

Some Healthy School Snacks

Snacks are one of the essential food components incorporated in the diets of children. The number of calories that children consumed from snacks rose by 120 calories daily between the [...]

  • Goldfish-Crackers

Healthy Snacking in the Holiday Season

Excessive snacking is one of the ways in which people gain weight, especially during the holiday season. Holidays are characterized by numerous parties and other festivities. This means that snacking [...]

  • organic-food-bar-active-greens

The Organic Food Bar

The Organic Food Bar was released by the Organic Food Bar Inc. back in 2004. The snack has a combination of healing ingredients  in a portable and tasty format. This [...]

  • fruit & nuts

Healthy Snacking

Snacking is a culture that has become deeply ingrained in our society that in years to come may actually be something that defines us in a way. However, the health [...]

The Positive Trend of Almonds

The year 2013 is projected to see a rise in the number of consumers eating almonds. With the current culture of snacking slowly replacing the traditional three meals a day [...]

  • snyders

Snyder’s of Hanover

Famous for their pretzels, Snyder’s of Hanover is a snack food distribution company and bakery based in Hanover, Pennsylvania. The company specializes in pretzels and is the number 1 pretzel [...]

For Energy’s Sake

Fighting fatigue? For those who wake up every morning feeling groggy and struggle to keep their eyes open at work these foods are for you, for energy’s sake! So, for [...]

  • Buddy Fruits

A New Offering from Buddy Fruits

Florida-based food company Buddy Fruits has recently launched a new offering to the market. The new product, “Buddy Fruits Pure Fruit Bites,” is a snack food containing 100% pure and [...]

  • jerky snack

New All-Natural Jerky Snacks From Oberto

Kent, Washington-based food company Oberto Brands is currently introducing the public to a new kind of all-natural snack. The new product, known as the “Oh Boy! Oberto All-Natural Jerky Snacks,” [...]

  • passion shed treats

New Nut Gourmet Snack Varieties from Passion Shed Treats

Food company Passion Shed has recently introduced a new range of treats to the British market. These new treats have nuts for the main ingredient, mixed with a variety of [...]

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