• organic food

A General Insight on Organic Foods

It is evident that most countries have championed for organic food products over the past decade. The general notion is that organic foods are somehow safer and better when compared [...]

  • grilled chicken

Ready to Eat Products Recalled because of E. coli Contamination

Approximately 180,000 pounds of ready-to-eat products that contain chicken will be recalled by a gourmet food company in Richmond, California. This is following a high E. coli contamination risk announced [...]

  • cow

Dairy Foods Companies Oppose Milk Production Controls

Twenty-eight dairy manufacturers have sent 2,013 Farm Bill letters to the Senate. In the letters, the dairy manufacturers call on the Senate to accept the dairy title passed by the [...]

  • Amys Kitchen

Three Best Non-GMO Health Foods

People are increasingly becoming more concerned about healthy living. Healthy living stems from making the right type of nutritional choices. GMOs have been criticized for their low nutritional value and [...]

  • fda-us

Food Safety in the United States

The food handling system in the United States is managed by local, federal and state officials. They are to make sure that the process is organized and well regulated according [...]

  • 2012

2012 Top Five Grocery News Stories

From shake-ups in the retail chain Supervalu, to faltering retail banners, the United States retail industry has done quite well this past year despite devastating weather, uncertain economy, labor unrest [...]

  • groundbeefrecall-590x460

Ground Beef Recall in the U.S. and Canada

The USDA has announced a recall of ground beef products from the Canadian company XL Foods Inc which are suspected to be contaminated with E. coli. The public health alert [...]

  • Fresh Express Salad Mixes

Two New Salad Mixes from Fresh Express

Cincinnati-based food company Fresh Express has recently introduced two new salad mixes to the market. These new products are known as “Fresh Express Organic Biologique”. To emphasize and promote this [...]

  • AMP

Abingdon Meat Packers, Ltd.

Abingdon Meat Packers, Ltd. is a Canadian meat processing company headquartered in Ontario, Canada. The company primarily processes Ontario lamb and veal for its customers. History Abingdon Meat Packers, Ltd. [...]

  • Vantage Foods

Vantage Foods

Vantage Foods is a privately owned food-manufacturing company headquartered in Calgary,Canada. The company has operations in both Canada and the United States.  History One of Vantage Foods’ core values is [...]

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