The Hain-Celestial Group, Inc. is a company engaged in the production of organic and natural food products, as well as products for personal care. The company is headquartered in New York, USA.

The Hain-Celestial Group, Incorporated was formed by the merger of Celestial Seasonings, Incorporated with the Hain Food Group in May of 2000. In June 2010, the company was able to acquire World Gourmet Marketing, LLC. A month after, the company also completed its acquisition of Churchill Food Products, Ltd. This recent acquisition included the ownership of the snack brand Sensible Portions®. During the same month, Hain-Celestial also acquired Greek Gods LLC, which included ownership of the Greek God® brand of yogurt.

Currently, the company is known for producing, distributing and marketing consumer goods that are considered “better-for-you” products. Hain-Celestial’s products are distributed to specialty food distributors and natural food stores. These “better-for-you” products are also sold in supermarkets, mass-market retail stores, club stores and other retail establishments selling organic products. In March of this year, Hain-Celestial introduced more than fifty of new or improved products to the market.

Among the products that the company produces include herbal teas, organic chickens, whole grain products, organic mixes, nut butters, ready-to-eat breakfast cereals, vegetarian mixes, organic pastas, organic baby foods, organic oils, organic soups, organic broths, real fruit juices and organic chocolates. These products are all classified under the company’s grocery food items.

As for the natural beverages that the company produces, there are teas, non-dairy beverages, as well as dairy-based drinks. Hain-Celestial also produces organic snack foods which include popcorns, tortilla chips and vegetable chips. The  company offers refrigerated exotic vegetables, frozen ready-to-eat meals, frozen meat products and frozen pastas. In the area of personal care, the company produces natural beauty and skin care products sold under the brands Avalon Organics®, Queene Helene®, Zia® and several other popular personal care brands.

The Hain-Celestial Group is also listed on the NASDAQ as a public company.

•    Headquarters: Melville, New York
•    Ownership Type: Public
•    No. of Employees: 2,059 (March 2011)
•    Geography: USA, Europe, North America
•    Demography: Organic food consumers, personal care consumers

Celestial Seasonings®, Garden of Eatin’®, WestSoy®, Arrowhead Mills®, Hain Pure Foods®, Hollywood®, Spectrum Essentials®, Imagine Foods®, Soy Dream®, Ethnic Gourmet®, Linda McCartney®, Lima®, Natumi®, Zia®, Avalon Organics®, Queen Helene®, Terra®, Health Valley®, Earth’s Best®, DeBoles®, FreeBird™, Spectrum Naturals®, Walnut Acres Organic™, Rice Dream®, Rosetto®, Yves Veggie Cuisine®, Realeat®, Grains Noirs®, JASON®, Natural Skincare® and Alba Botanica®

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