The Trend: Urban Agriculture

gardenPeople are indeed becoming more conscious about the food they consume. With improved technology, the secrets that have been hidden behind the large food processing industries are being revealed continuously, forcing people to make drastic decisions in terms of their dietary habits. To add to that, the never-ending reports of food recalls or food-borne illnesses are serving to convince more and more people to join the current food movement: if you want food, grow it.

The idea of tending to gardens right within the heart of the cities is not a new one, but has seemed to gain momentum in the past few years. Initiatives such as the ‘White House Garden’ where the first lady Michelle Obama is very proud of the kitchen garden she tends to herself. Currently, she is also working on a diary, portraying pictures of the kitchen garden in the White House during various times of the year, as well as detailing histories of American gardening. Although the attention that is often required when tending to one’s own kitchen garden is a lot, the fresh earthy taste, and sometimes smell of the vegetables and fruits does more than make up for the time spent digging.

There are definitely concerns about the effect of the vegetable gardens on the property value and one would be advised to check with the municipal council first. Nevertheless, sometimes the trend with the neighbors could be a good indicator. For those who are planning to join the growing movement there are many personal blogs online that detail the process of tending to your personal garden. Some of them even have an online entries and nothing better than experience to learn the ins and outs of this city activity. In addition, one can consult a few books on the market. There is plenty of information out there to help you grow your own fresh produce.


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