Tim’s Cascade Snacks

Tim'sTim’s Cascade Snacks is a snack manufacturing company based in Washington. The company manufactures and distributes potato chips and popcorn to all parts of the USA and some Asian countries.

Tim’s Cascade Snacks was founded in 1986 by Tim Kennedy. Tim and his family started the business in a 15,000 sq. ft. manufacturing plant in Auburn, Washington. At first, they didn’t have any equipment to make potato chips. They sliced the potatoes thickly and fried them in batches. The chips were made in a square shaped kettle and a rake was used to stir. The chips were completely hand- made and were placed in white and red colored bags. After making the first batch, he took the chips to convenience retail stores in the area, giving away free samples. The Cascade Style potato chips soon became a real hit. Tim started selling his potato chips to the convenience stores, and the customers fell in love with them, desperately waiting for new flavors.

By 1988, Tim’s cascade style potato chips became the ‘best chips in Seattle.’ He started to produce new flavors of potato chips including Jalapeno, Original and Maui Onion. His Cascade Style Wasabi Potato Chips are still very popular. With this, he also started exporting his chips to many countries in Asia. Later, he introduced Cajun flavored potato chips. Then, it was replaced by Alder Smoke Barbeque. Tim’s Cascade Snacks makes a Cajun flavored potato chip in limited releases. In 2003, the company received the Gold Medal Taste Award from the American Culinary Institute. It also received another award from Esquire magazine.

In 2008, the company was listed in ‘Washington’s Best 100 Companies to Work For’ by Washington CEO Magazine. In addition, it also received a number of Environmental Excellence Awards for its contribution towards protecting the environment. Even today, the company is making its products in kettles to maintain the quality of its chips and snacks.

Company headquarters: 1150 Industry Drive North, Algona, WA, USA
Ownership: Private subsidiary (Owned by Pinnacle Foods Group)
Number of manufacturing plants: Algona, WA
Annual revenue: $20 to 50 million
Number of employees: 85
Geography: USA, Canada, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan
Demography: Natural and Organic

Tim’s Snack Foods is the banner of Pinnacle Foods

Tim’s Potato Chips
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