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TreeHouse Foods, IncTreeHouse Foods, Inc processes food products for distribution to foodservice and grocery companies. Its products include private label soups, sauces and salad dressings.


Bay Valley Foods, LLC, now a division of TreeHouse Foods, actually preceded its parent company. Bay Valley Foods was founded in 1862, along with the founding of Alart & McGuire, under the name Dean Specialty Food, a division of Dean Foods. In the years that followed, Bay Valley underwent a number of changes and expansions. In 2005, TreeHouse Foods Inc. was founded.

It was in the year 2005 when Dean Specialty Food was separated from its parent company Dean Foods. Dean Specialty Food then was renamed Bay Valley Foods which then became a division of TreeHouse Foods. On the 28th of June, 2005, TreeHouse Foods became an independent company, also becoming publicly listed on the New York Stock Exchange. with the ticker symbol THS. A year after, TreeHouse started a series of seven acquisitions that the company completed within five years of its foundation. Among the company’s acquisitions was Del Monte’s infant feeding business and soup business. In May of 2007, TreeHouse Foods completed the acquisition of San Antonio Farms’ picante and salsa division. In October of the same year, it also acquired E.D. Smith, a major supplier of salad dressings for private labels. The same company also produced private label jellies, pie fillings and jams for both American and Canadian foodservice companies.

In March of 2010, TreeHouse was able to acquire Sturm Foods, Inc, which is a major supplier of private label instant cereals and sugar-free drinks. In October of the same year, the company acquired S.T. Specialty Foods, Inc, which is a leading manufacturer of private label side dishes, including macaroni and cheese. Aside from the major acquisitions that TreeHouse Foods has completed, it was also able to acquire small businesses that compliment its current products.

Currently, TreeHouse Foods, Inc is being led by Sam Reed, along with his eight-person team of expert executives in the food industry. A number of products has also been added to the company’s product line, along with its expansion. Currently, the company also produces Mexican sauces, pickle-related products and aseptic sauces.

•    Headquarters: Westchester, Illinois
•    Ownership Type: Public
•    No. of Employees: 4,000 (March 2011)
•    Geography: USA, Canada
•    Demography:    foodservice operators, grocery chains

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