Turkey Hill’s New Convenience Store

Turkey Hill, Kroger Co’s convenience store department has opened its largest store in Marysville, Ohio. Turkey Hill plans to have a grand opening event to open the doors of this new store officially on September 27th. The store had opened its doors from the 12th September and the event will just serve to publicize the store.

The new store will be operating as Turkey Hill Market. It is a 6,000 square- foot store, a good 2,000 square foot larger than the typical chain store, which is 4,000 square-feet. The event to launch the opening of the store will have giveaways in plenty and a live radio broadcast. The store is going to have larger fresh food sections and a new Food Service menu with offerings such as hoagies, fried chicken, bistro-style sandwiches, pizza and other hot foods.

Turkey Hill is a subsidiary of Kroger Co. and has over 250 stores in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Columbus and Indiana. The stores were first opened in 1967 as Turkey Hill Minit Markets in Pennsylvania, which was to support its sister company Turkey Hill Dairy in the marketing of its dairy products. Turkey Hill’s 249th store located in Hazleton, Pennsylvania opened in 1998 was the first of its stores to open with a Food Service section.

The store became the first company in Pennsylvania to operate a self-service gasoline section. Today more than three quarters of Turkey Hill’s stores have gas pumps. Other stores also have car washes. It is hoped that this debut of a larger C-store format by Turkey Hill will only be the first of such larger sized stores in the future.

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  1. Melvin Crowley March 16, 2013 at 10:09 am - Reply

    To whom it may concern, Community of Christ owns a grocery in Charlotte, Michigan. It originally was part of the Carter IGA chain. We purchased the building during the bankruptcy. 40% of the building was office space which we use for our worship space and 60% of the building remained grocery. We began leasing space to HOMETOWN MARKETS, LLC f/k/a NORTHERN MARKETS, LLC 6 years ago. HOMETOWN MARKETS has closed their other stores and now is closing operations in Charlotte. We feel we have a great location in the center of town with an adjacent residential area, plenty of paved parking, and a well maintained and bright store area. We are looking for the right grocery to occupy our building. We have a great deal of foot traffic as well as good support from other employers and employees who work and live in Charlotte. Please feel free to contact me by e-mail or phone, 517-896-4332. My name is Mel Crowley and I am anxious to speak with someone from your corporation. Thank you for your time. Mel

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