Wegmans Food Markets

Wegmans Food Markets Inc. is a family owned supermarket chain that was founded in 1916 in Gates, New York. Its founders John and Walter Wegman called their store Rochester Fruit and Vegetable Company.

The company has slowly expanded and opened new stores in various areas such as Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, New Jersey, Massachusetts and still plans more store openings in the year 2013 in areas such as Burlington. Wegmans has appeared on Fortunes annual ‘100 Best Companies to Work For’ since the list’s inception in 1998, and for eight consecutive years made it to the top ten in that list. It has bagged many other awards, such as Best Grocery store-2007 by the Food Network, the top large US grocery chain-2012 by Consumer Reports. The Food Bar is a ‘seafood shack’-styled restaurant that operates in the same space with the Wegmans branded stores.

Tastings was a restaurant owned by Wegmans, but was later closed down and replaced by The Food Bar. Another restaurant is Next Door Bar and Grill, a stand-alone restaurant also operated by Wegmans. Wegmans operated a home improvement store, Chase-Pitkin Home and Garden Center, which it had to close down in 2006 citing that it wanted to concentrate on its supermarket operations, as well as increased competition from other home improvement stores such as Lowe’s and The Home Depot.

This year, Wegmans announced a price freeze on certain products that the company said was to help families plan their grocery expenditures given the unpredictable price changes of groceries. The price freezes are to run until December 31st. The freeze is applicable only to the company’s owned brands.


Headquarters: Gates, NY
No. of Stores: 83
No. of Employees: 44,000
Annual Revenue: $6.25 Billion (US)

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  1. Marian Wenthe January 19, 2015 at 9:41 am - Reply

    Tuesday 1-13 we bought a pkg. of frosted doughnut holes at the Canndaigua store with the “sell by date of 1-16” on them. When opened they had an unpleasant smell. I tasted one and could not eat it all- awful.Have you changed the recipe or were they fried in old oil?
    You ceased making the pecan coffee cake and I do hope the doughnut problem was a poor oil problem. I hate to lose all my Wegman favorites

  2. Beverly Hoskins October 27, 2014 at 8:57 pm - Reply

    Your grocery stores are awesome!!!!!!!

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