On April 26, Elsie Grace Dry Food Co. announced a product recall for its soup and dip mixes due to undeclared allergens. The recalled products are said to contain milk, wheat or soy but are not listed as part of the ingredients on the packages. All of the ingredients are considered common allergens. Investigation revealed that the problem was traced to the company’s packing process. Elsie Grace’s has changed the labels in order to ensure the safety of its customers.

Product Description of Mixes                    –                   Net Weight                       –                       Undeclared Ingredient
Bacon Dip                                                    –                     .12 ounce                       –                           wheat, soy and milk

Smokin’ Dip                                                –                     .08 ounce                      –                            wheat, soy and milk

Cheesy Onion Dip                                    –                     .08 ounce                      –                                     soy and milk

Potato Soup                                              –                    10.6 ounces                    –                            wheat, soy and milk

Spuds and Cheese Soup                       –                    10.6 ounces                    –                                     soy and milk

Broccoli and Cheese Soup                  –                     undeclared                     –                                     soy and milk

White Chili Soup                                     –                       9.9 ounces                    –                                     soy and milk

The recalled dip mixes have been packed in clear, rectangular packs which are safety sealed and stapled with the label. No codes, dates or UPC numbers are indicated on the label. Soup mixes are packed in transparent safety bags and then placed into a plastic lined brown paper bag. All ingredients are indicated at the back of the packaging.

Wheat, soy and milk are common foods that trigger allergy attacks. At the time of the recall, however, no allergy attack has been reported which are linked to it.

The recalled dip and soup mixes were distributed to retail stores in the states of Kansas, Montana, Ohio, Arkansas, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, Nebraska, North Carolina, Indiana, Kentucky and Oklahoma.

Retailers and customers who have the affected products are encouraged to return it in exchange for a replacement or a refund. They may also call at 1-785-292-4438 or send an email to: mailto:elsiegraces@yahoo.com.