B&G Foods, Incorporated is a U.S.-based food processing company. Its headquarters is found in New Jersey, USA.

B&G Foods, Incorporated was formed in 1996 when several food companies merged. These companies had already created well-known brands in the food industry such as B&G®, Polaner®, Brer Rabbit®, Regina®, Wrights® and others.

Under B&G’s management, a number of these brands underwent further expansion. In 2000, the company launched a new product line consisting of pepper sauces, seasonings, marinades and salad dressings. These products were created by celebrated chef Emeril Lagasse and were also sold under the brand Emeril.

B&G’s roots date back to the middle of the 1980s when Artal NV, a Dutch conglomerate, began buying a number of food businesses based in North America. After a few years, Artal began to sell its food labels, starting with Polaner in March of 1993. In June of the same year, Artal’s eight remaining food businesses were bought by Specialty Foods, an investment group led by Robert Bass. Specialty Foods met several challenges, however, which included incurring high debts and price swings in commodities. In November of 1996, several investors from New York grouped together to create B&G Foods and acquired the food subsidiaries from Specialty Foods. B&G’s name was adopted from the well-known B&G Pickles, which stands for Bloch and Guggenheimer.

Even though B&G’s food brands were already established in the food industry, there were years when these brands underwent a decline in terms of sales. In 1997, the company worked on salvaging the popularity of the brands by implementing product launches and extending its channels of distribution to new areas. These efforts eventually resulted in a rise in sales of the brands for that year. This positive result in the company’s sales continued for several years. In 1998, B&G acquired another food business, Vermont’s Maple Grove Farms, Inc. A year after, B&G bought the Polaner food line. In 1999, it also acquired Pillsbury’s Heritage brands.

Currently, the company is owned primarily by Bruckman/Rosser/Sherrill and Company. The investment firm owns 75% of the company’s stocks.

• Headquarters: Parsippany, New Jersey
• Ownership Type: Private
• No. of Employees: 749 (2010)
• Geography: USA
• Demography: retail processed food consumers

Ac’cent®, B&M®, Cream of Wheat®, Emeril’s®, Grandma’s Molasses®, Las Palmas®, Ortega®, Regina®, Trappey’s®, Vermont Maid®, B&G Condiments®, Brer Rabbit®, Don Pepino®, Food Service®, Joan of Arc®, Maple Grove Farms®, Polaner®, Sclafani®, Underwood®, Wright’s®

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