Londis are franchises of convenience stores that are operating in Ireland and UK. All the stores that are currently operating are franchise-owned.


Londis was created in 1959 as a company that is communally owned, meaning each retailer owns a share, or a part of the parent company. The stores’ name, Londis, comes from contracting “London District Stores.”

From the 1960s to the 1970s, Londis stores continued to grow, and the stores introduced its ‘we’re the cheapest’ claim in the market. By the 1980s, Londis had expanded in almost all parts of the country, covering one-third ofBritainwith its 1,300 stores. In the same decade, the company began an advertising campaign that it called “Londis One Step.” By 1993, the stores’ customer service was vastly improved with the introduction of new equipment to facilitate major debit cards and credit cards. More and more Londis stores had also started opening everyday, including weekends.

In 2004, Londis’ parent company was acquired by Irish company Musgrave Wholesale. Musgrave paid each retailer £31,000 for the acquisition. In 2009, Londis celebrated 50 years in the business, with a total of over 1,800 stores all over Britain.

Currently, there are about 2200 Londis stores located all throughout Scotland,Wales and England. Its parent company, Musgrave Retail Partners, supplies each store with the products that it sells. It is also responsible for the franchising of each Londis store. Under the management of The Musgrave Group, Londis stores in the UK continue expansion plans and to provide consumers with a convenient way to shop in a store with a friendly atmosphere. In the UK, there is a Londis store in every Haven Holidays, Pontins, and Butlins camp.

In Ireland, Londis stores are primarily owned by ADM Londis Plc, which is a grocer-owned wholesaler. The Ireland Londis franchise was acquired in 1970. In 1995, ADM bought the right to the Londis brand for Ireland. Today, the only thing connecting Londis Ireland and Londis UK is the store’s name. ADM Londis was considered as a co-operative made up of retailers, with the members owning a total of 360 stores. In 2004, the co-operative was converted into a public limited company. In succeeding years, ADM Londis introduced larger stores, ones with a supermarket format. These stores were then named as Londis Plus.

Headquarters: London,UK
Ownership Type: Private
Employees: information not available
Geography: UK and Ireland
Demography: retail products consumers


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