Meijer Inc. has partnered with Artwork for Education in a deal aimed at assisting schools to raise money for classrooms using the artwork made by students. The student artwork will be used to reproduce greeting cards that will be on sale at Meijer stores.

Meijer will have 30 stores in Indiana, Illinois and Michigan selling the greeting cards. The retailer has said that it is their responsibility to help support education in communities and contribute to learning programs that target the youth and children, especially in local schools. Artwork for Education has a fundraising program that encourages schools to give student artwork that will be used in reproducing the greeting cards. The greeting cards are also available online.

The arrangement between Meijer and the program entails donating 50 cents that goes to the participating schools for every card sold. The local schools will benefit from the extra cash and help to cover basic needs. The partnership is also a chance for schools to help their students display their creativity. The local schools get into the program for free.

Greeting cards on sale at Meijer store locations will have certain messages in various categories such as get-well messages, birthday messages and of course, the holiday messages. The back of the greeting cards will have the name of the student that did the artwork and their age, as well as the school that will be benefiting. This program is quite timely being the holiday season and it is expected that it will be successful.

Meijer is a retailer based in Grand Rapids, Michigan operating grocery stores and supercenters that total 199, located in Kentucky, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio and Michigan.