Evergreen Sprouts, LLC of Idaho issued a recall for two varieties of its sprouts product. The recall was made because the affected sprouts are possibly contaminated with Salmonella.

The affected spicy sprouts and alfalfa sprouts are linked to a Salmonella outbreak in several states. As of the 27th of June, five states have reported a total of 21 cases of the infection Salmonella enteritidis, three of which have required being hospitalized. States included in the salmonella outbreak are Idaho, North Dakota, Washington, Montana and New Jersey.

The recalled sprouts have been distributed in Idaho and Washington through direct delivery. The products were delivered to 3 retail stores and 4 distributors. The affected sprouts’ expiration dates are from June 22 through July 14. Specific information about the recalled sprouts include the following:

Brand                        –             Product description                  –                      UPC Code               –              Size/Weight

Evergreen Produce       –             Alfalfa Sprouts                       –              8 38796 00103 7            –                  4 ounces

Evergreen Produce       –             Alfalfa Sprouts                       –              8 38796 00108 2             –                16 ounces

Evergreen Produce       –             Alfalfa Sprouts                       –                  not applicable               –                  5 pounds

Evergreen Produce       –              Spicy Sprouts                       –              8 38796 00102 0             –                   4 ounces

Evergreen Produce       –              Spicy Sprouts                       –                  not applicable                –                 16 ounces

Salmonella is one of the harmful bacteria that can infect food. Salmonella infections usually result in fever, nausea, abdominal pains, bloody diarrhea and vomiting. In worst cases, a salmonella infection can be fatal, especially to people with weak immune systems.

Although no samples of the recalled sprout products have been found to be positive for Salmonella, epidemiological evidence has indicated that both alfalfa and Spicy Sprouts from Evergreen Produce were eaten by those people infected with Salmonella. This recall was made with the knowledge of the FDA. People who bought the sprouts are strongly advised to discard them. They can call 208-267-4258 and ask for Nadine Scharf for any recall-related concerns.