15lbs Organic Einkorn Berries Farro Piccolo

15lbs Organic Einkorn Berries Farro Piccolo

15lbs Organic Einkorn Berries (Farro Piccolo)

Farro Piccolo or Einkorn is the world's most genetically primitive form of wheat, grown thousands of years ago, and nearly lost to agricultural, until recently studies found this "supergrain" to have desirable characteristics for our modern diets. Einkorn's taxonomical designation is Triticum monococcum Einkorn was originally discovered on the clothing of an ancient mummy preserved by ice. (Otzi) Over the centuries, our wheat has been hybridized over and over again to develop new species that produce high yields but apparently poor compatibility with our digestive systems. We call this modern wheat, and like many modern varieties, it does not treat the body so well. Einkorn is being restored across the world to become accessible, once again, to the masses.
  • Includes 2, 7.5lb Paper Bags (15lbs total) of Certified USDA Organic Einkorn Berries
  • Food Grade Organic Einkorn Whole Farro Wheat Berries (Grains)
  • Excellent For Milling Into Flour For Baking, Farro Salads And Soups
  • Contains An Entirely Different Type Of Gluten, Compared With Modern Wheat
  • Most Genetically Primitive Form of Wheat Available On Earth
  • Love It: 157
  • Brand: Ancient Grains
  • Product Code: DB-EK
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