2-pack Tropical Flavored Tea Assortment: Mango Peach, Key Lime &...

2-pack Tropical Flavored Tea Assortment: Mango Peach, Key Lime &...

2-pack Tropical Flavored Tea Assortment: Mango Peach, Key Lime & Coconut Macadamia (36 tea bags).

In A.D. 804, Chinese tea authority Lu Y,u said about tea, "Goodness is a decision for the mouth to make". Our rich and flavorful teas are a delight to both the nose and pallet. Breaking the BOP (Broken Orange Pekoe) tea leaves releases important enzymes that promote development of the black teas' natural flavor. We add Rooibos, a caffeine free herbal tea ingredient. Adding Rooibos lowers the amount of caffeine in black tea blends. Our teas pair well with our all natural tropical flavors. Tea bags provide convenience, fast steeping time (1-2 minutes), and portion control for a consistent flavorful brewed tea in each cup. As a tea gift and tea sampler our packaging is colorful and attractive. It makes a great tea gift for any occasion. Make our tropical tea a part of your healthy lifestyle. Tea is a beverage that promotes and maintains health and fitness. Tea contains antioxidants that are beneficial to health. Our teas are allergen, gluten, and calorie free, and contain only all natural ingredients.
  • QUALITY: Premium quality BOP broken leaf China black tea, and South African Rooibos, added for desired flavor characteristics. We blend small batches of handcrafted teas, and we hand pack the finished tea.
  • AROMA & FLAVOR: The teas have a hint of sweetness and are bright in the cup. Experience flavor notes characteristic of tropical fruits and nuts.
  • TEA SELECTION: Mango Peach, Key Lime, and Coconut Macadamia. 18 tea bags (6 each flavor).
  • TEA BAGS: Classic tea bags with string and tag (biodegradable and compostable). Individually wrapped tea bags in sealed foil barrier envelopes lock in flavor and preserve freshness.
  • HOT & ICED TEA: Enjoy hot or iced. Each tea bag makes either a single cup of hot tea, or steeped and cooled with ice (or refrigerated) makes a refreshing glass of tropical flavored iced tea.
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