2 Pkg. Trader Joes Pitted Prunes

2 Pkg. Trader Joes Pitted Prunes

2 Pkg. Trader Joe's Pitted Prunes

  • Deliciously smooth and creamy hot chocolate (hot cocoa) from your Original Line Nespresso-machine. (not compatible with Virtuoline)
  • Compatible with Original-Line Nespresso Machines like Citiz, Pixie, U, Essenza, Lattissima and other ORIGINAL LINE machines. Sorry, NOT compatible with Virtuoline. Packaged in compostable pods !
  • Blended from the finest ingredients, Podista hot chocolate is a delectable milk chocolate with a velvety texture and sweet nutty infusion that melts in your mouth
  • Packed as a set of three (3) boxes, each with ten (10) hot chocolate pods; 30 total.
  • Love It: 3810
  • Brand: Trader Joes
  • Product Code: B00CO86HKS
  • Availability: In Stock
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