Achva Snacks Halva Gift Box, 2 Pk

Achva Snacks Halva Gift Box, 2 Pk

Variety Pack of Halvah Marble, Vanilla, and Walnut Israel Candy Bars– Vegan-Friendly, Certified Kosher Snacks with No Dairy or Gluten by Achva, 25 g. Each (2 Pack)

  • Sweet & Scrumptious – Satisfy your sweet tooth with Halva Snacks by Achva, the original halva since 1929. Tahini blended with sugar and decadent ingredients make it a candy you crave.
  • Achva Assortment – No need to select a single flavor. Your Achva halvah candy variety pack comes in boxes each box contains: 3 mouthwatering flavors: Vanilla, walnut, and a marble mix of chocolate and vanilla. 24 Halva tahini bar snacks total.
  • Half-Sesame Halva – Halva Israeli snacks that contain low levels of sesame contain low-quality tastes. Savor the fine flavors of your Achva halva that we make with 50% sesame!
  • Diet-Conscious Candy – When your diet is restricted, it can be hard to find secure sweets to eat. Indulge without worry—your certified-kosher Jewish food contains no animal product, gluten, or dairy!
  • Freshness? That’s a Wrap – Put a stop to tubs of halva that grow sad and stale only a few days after opening. Every bite is as fresh as the first since your Achva halva bars come individually wrapped!
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  • Brand: Achva
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