Aiva Organic Brown Mustard Seeds Rai 3.5 Oz

Aiva Organic Brown Mustard Seeds Rai 3.5 Oz

AIVA Organic Brown Mustard Seeds (Rai) 3.5 oz

  • Aiva Products Organic Brown Mustard Seeds are 100% Natural and Organic that is a very common ingredient added to a lot of recipes, and Aiva's Organic Brown Mustard Seeds has no colors, no preservative, no MSG, and no fillers added and is USDA Organic.
  • Aiva select the spices & herbs carefully for robust flavor and adds no colors and no additives in the spices & herbs
  • We only sell the freshest spices that are stored in a weather controlled facility so that you can get maximum freshness
  • Aiva Products is committed to working with organic & sustainable farming groups that grow only organic, have traceability records, and, are USDA Organic certified
  • This product is Organic, No GMOs, Non-ETO and Aiva Products is a brand "Where You Can Trust"
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