Ajwan Seed Powder 4 oz

Ajwan Seed Powder 4 oz

Ajwan Seed Powder 4 oz

  • Ajwain seeds offer numerous health benefits, Have a bitter, pungent taste. Highest quality spice and a delightful addition to any meal, Complimentary to vegan and vegetarian lifestyles.
  • Vital spices with High Purity, Intense Aroma and Great taste. Aromatic spice adds delightful, exotic flavor to a variety of dishes.
  • The benefits of fennel tea are both culinary and curative. Fennel is used in many different cuisines, from Indian to Italian, to contemporary fusion, and all parts of the plant are used, including the leaves, seeds, and bulb.
  • The Latin name for fennel is foeniculum vulgare. Both the crunchy bulb and the seeds of the fennel plant have a mild, licorice-like flavor. Yet, the flavor of the seeds is more potent due to their powerful essential oils.
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