Amrita Foods - Banana Chips, Unsweetened, 8Oz, Top 9 Allergy Fre

Amrita Foods - Banana Chips, Unsweetened, 8Oz, Top 9 Allergy Fre

Amrita Unsulfured Dried Banana Chips No Sugar 8 ounces - Packed Fresh in Resealable Bulk Bags - Non GMO - Dehydrated Banana Chips - Sulfite Free Slice Banana - Unsweetned Banana Chips

  • HEALTHY UNSULFURED FOOD FOR YOUR CRAVINGS - Amrita dried bananas are the perfect choice for you and your kids if want an alternative healthy choice to fulfil food cravings without that does not use any artificial preservatives
  • SUGAR AND ALLERGEN FREE - We know finding a healthy eating choice with allergies can be hard so we made sure Amrita dehydrated bananas are free of sugar and most common allergens. These dry banana chips whole foods are made to be gluten-free, soy free and other allergen free
  • HEALTH BENEFITS - Taking these dried banana chips would increases your nutrient intake, boost the immune system, keeps skin healthy and give you an energy boost to stay fresh at all times
  • NUTRITIOUS - Bananas chips dried fruit are not just tasty, but also loaded with healthy vitamins & minerals like Potassium, Iron, Calcium, Manganese, Copper, Vitamins A, C, K, E in significant amounts
  • AMRITA PROMISE - Amrita was started with a mission of providing healthy plant based foods to kids and grownups who suffer from gastrointestinal issues which is why our products come with a complete MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE without any questions asked
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