Andy Anand’s Dark Chocolates Gift Basket-6 Different 3oz each of...

Andy Anand’s Dark Chocolates Gift Basket-6 Different 3oz each of...

Andy Anand’s Dark Chocolate covered 6 Different 3 oz. each of Cranberries, Coffee, Cherry, Ginger, Blueberry, Greek Yogurt Cranberry 1.2 lbs for Birthday, Valentine Day, Christmas, Mothers Fathers Day

Chocolate is delicious. For most, it occupies an exalted position other sweet treats only dream of achieving. It's surprising to think, then, that all the glorious nuances present in cacao beans-the ingredient that sets chocolate apart from other sugary snacks-are actually quite foreign to our modern palates. This is because large-scale factory operations, not nature, have dictated the flavor of chocolate over the last 50 years. The mass production relies on homogeneity over nuance, and most manufacturers both mix and over-roast their cacao beans so that every bar tastes just like its machine-packaged brothers and sisters.

The result of this process is chocolate that merely alludes to the flavor most of us crave. With the help of Andy Anand Chocolate that emphasizes, instead of homogenizes, the exquisite flavor of cacao. Andy Anand takes special care to tailor to the flavor of the beans they source, ensuring that each mouthful is laden with something our taste buds have been yearning for-the flavor of real chocolate.

The rich taste and flavor of Andy Anand Chocolate have helped him to win the crowning glory and to achieve the best tasting Chocolate. Their chocolates are satisfactory as gifts in any kind of celebration or special occasions or in one word to treat everybody anytime!

Thanks for Helping Children
As a part of our philanthropic efforts 15% of the sales proceeds are donated to Schools where children are given free education. Over 2 million Dollars have already been donated.

Make a Difference in a Child's life

  • 6 Pack (3oz each) of Dark Chocolate Cranberries, Coffee Beans, Cherry, Ginger, BlueBerry with Greek Yogurt Cranberry. All Fruits are Grown at our own farms and with the freshest & finest Dark Chocolates.
  • Satisfy your sweet craving with this uniquely Varieties of Dark chocolate, Greek Yogurt. Set includes 18 ounce Basket of Dark Chocolate and Greek Yogurt. The Basket is Over One Pound.
  • FRESH PRODUCT: Our Organic Certified Products are grown and hand-picked in our own Andy Anand Farms in Canada and USA.
  • Packaging: Packed in 18 Ounce Gift Basket.
  • AMAZING GIFT: Great to give as party favors at weddings, birthdays, baby showers, or for any occasion. This is a perfect holiday gift for family, friends, or business contacts!
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