Antimo Caputo 00 Americana Pizza Flour Molino Caputo

Antimo Caputo 00 Americana Pizza Flour Molino Caputo

Antimo Caputo Americana Pizzeria Flour Great for Conventional Ovens, 72 Ounce (4.5 Pound Bag) Repack

  • Perfect for new York Style pizza at home: if you are making pizza in a conventional oven, then your oven probably tops out at about 500-550 degrees. This flour has been blended from DIFFERENT wheats, but most importantly it includes a certain amount of malted wheat. By malting wheat before blending and milling, some of the sugars in the wheat are developed. This improves the browning of the crust in lower temperature ovens conventionally found in a home kitchen.
  • Classic pizza in any oven: if you have been using the Caputo 00 pizzeria flour in your home oven, but noticing that the crust comes out on the lighter side, give the Americana a try. It is still a 00 flour, and it is a popular flour. Caputo Americana is 100% All natural tender wheat flour, a culinary essential perfect for baking. Ideal for classic pizza in any oven. It produces a flavorful crust with optimal hydration. The high quality protein and gluten result in a consistent dough. Caputo Americana “00” is: additive free & milled slowly for optimal water absorption.
  • High quality: This additive free blend of Italian and European wheat varieties is slowly and gently doubled milled at Molino Caputo to maintain the integrity of protein and starch molecules. Attention to quality further guarantees a steady balance between gluten energy and gluten extensibility
  • A diverse ingredient: different from our other flours, the higher Percentage of malted wheat allows for a colorful crust designed specifically for the classic American pizza. Reaching temperatures of 500° F to 600°f, this is best used in gas or electric ovens, making Americana the perfect flour for homemade pizza and baking
  • Repacked from larger commercial bags
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