Apricot Chunky Pineapple

Apricot Chunky Pineapple

Apricot Chunky Pineapple

  • Delicious apricot pineapple jam with a perfectly spreadble consistancy.
  • * Made with rich ripe flavorful apricots.
  • * We remove the apricot skins to eliminate the bitter aspect of the skins and preserve the smooth wonderful flavor of the apricots themselves.
  • * The pineapple brightens and enhances the apricot flavor. The pinapple does not overwhelm the apricot.
  • * The 'chunks' of pineapple are small. Small enough to diffuse flavor throughout the jam, small enough to allow the jam to be easily spreadable, but just large enough to be barley discernible.
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  • Brand: Pioneer Valley
  • Product Code: B06XY41CDN
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