Apricot, Fancy chopped 2 lbs. by Presto Sales LLC

Apricot, Fancy chopped 2 lbs. by Presto Sales LLC

Apricot, Fancy chopped, Sweet, Dried fruit, Snack, Dietetic, Vegan, Intense Flavor, Burst of Energy, #1 Choice, packaged in a 2 lbs. (32 oz.) resealable pouch bag by Presto Sales LLC

  • SAVE TIME: Our apricots arrive to you diced, ready to use! Make sure to have them in your pantry! Awesome chocolate substitute, great addition to fruit salad, baked goods topping, perfect for fruit flavoured rice or chicken, delicious with all yogurts, puddings and desserts, or simply snack on them whenever! Yummy diced to 8x10mm in size
  • DIET CONSCIENCE: Satisfy your sugar craving with this healthy alternative. A handful of our chopped dried apricots will fit in perfectly with your healthy diet; incredibly tasty yet low in calories and a great energy booster!, Indulge in these Sun dried apricots for a healthy snack or add them to your salads, granola, cookies, cakes, oatmeal, yogurt, smoothies, cereal and trail mix
  • FANTASTIC CHOICE: Presto Sales is bringing you something delicious and nutritious. Our dried apricots are diced to perfection making them sweet and perfectly textured. These apricots are the #1 healthy snack for all ages.
  • HEALTH FOOD: Believe it or not, dried apricots are a recommended health food! They are loaded with many vitamins (incl. 94% DV of Vitamin A!) and minerals and are great for the immune system. They also improve digestion and are known to lower cholesterol levels.
  • WITH YOU IN MIND: We pack our luscious diced dried-apricots in a 2 lbs. resealable bag, making them practical for you to use and store conveniently! We tenderly coat them very lightly in rice flour to prevent them sticking together, making them easy to handle.
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