Arashan Apricots Seeds - Dried Sweet Raw Apricot Seeds, Natural|...

Out Of Stock Arashan Apricots Seeds - Dried Sweet Raw Apricot Seeds, Natural|...

Arashan Apricots Seeds - Dried Sweet Raw Apricot Seeds, Natural| BEST Raw & Sweet Apricot Kernels, Directly From The Fertile Ferghana Valley In Kyrgyzstan | Sundried Apricot Kernel 60% Oil (1 LB)

  • ✅[Ferghana Valley Apricot Seeds] – Apricot trees have grown wild for thousands of years in the world-renowned Ferghana Valley. It is known throughout the world as the source of the world’s absolute best apricots. As a result, these apricot seeds are naturally perfect, the finest you can find anywhere.
  • ✅[60% Apricot Oil Content] – Our raw apricot seeds contain an incredible 60% apricot oil, making them some of the most tasty and nourishing you can find anywhere. Delight your taste buds with nature’s finest apricot seeds.
  • ✅[Vitamins & Minerals] – Apricot kernels provide protein, niacin, and 502 kcal of energy per serving. Get all your magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and iron in one snack a day! Adults should eat no more than 40 g per day, and children should eat less than 10g per day.
  • ✅[Unpasteurized] – Arashan raw apricot seeds have not been pasteurized, giving them the absolute best flavor that nature intended. Enjoy 100% pure apricot seeds from pristine land.
  • ✅[Raw & Natural] – Arashan apricot seeds are 100% natural, coming from native-grown trees in the fertile Ferghana Valley in Kyrgyzstan. Sun-dried for maximum preservation of taste and nutrients.
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