Asli Bay Leaves Tejpatta - 100 Grams

Out Of Stock Asli Bay Leaves Tejpatta - 100 Grams

Asli Bay Leaves Whole, 3.5 Ounces | Tej Patta | Multifunctional Aromatic Leaves | 100% Natural Dried Bay Leaf

  • Asli Bay Leaves, also known as Tejpatta, are an essential ingredient in North Indian cuisine
  • Cooking with bay leaves adds flavor without adding extra sodium, fat, or calories
  • They have a floral and herbal scent reminiscent of oregano and thyme and are used more often than any other herb
  • Indian Bay Leaf is used in recipes like curries, rice, soups, stews and meats
  • To obtain the utmost benefit the dried leaves should be crushed before adding to a dish
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