Awesome Snacks Quinoa Cereal 6oz bag - Vegan Gluten Sugar Free

Awesome Snacks Quinoa Cereal 6oz bag - Vegan Gluten Sugar Free

Awesome  Snacks Quinoa Cereal 6oz bag - Vegan Gluten Free & Sugar Free Cereals - Kosher Healthy Snack - One Ingredient Cereal Puffed Quinoa Plain

  • USDA organic Kosher Gluten-Free Snacks Pops Perfect for People With Gluten Intolerance.
  • Superfoods cereal is a Low Calorie Vegan snacks .
  • Perfect snack for baby and kids. Wonderful cereal for school.
  • We produce the healthy cereal from Royal White Quinoa or Tri-Color Quinoa (color differs depending on Quinoa).
  • Awesome Snacks Quinoa SUPERCEREAL Cold Cereal is a delicious diet-friendly cereal made with no artificial ingredients and no added sugars.
  • This breakfast cereals is perfect for dieters who no longer want to miss out on their favorite quinoa puffs.
  • Life saver for food allergies and FPIES. Very High in Fiber, Much Higher Than Most Grains! Great after training sport diet snack for adults. No added Flavors, only Quinoa!
  • Puffed Quinoa Has a Low Glycemic Index, Which is Good for Blood Sugar Control for Diabetic Kitchen. Quinoa cereal is a whole foods.
  • Love It: 657
  • Brand: Awsum Snacks
  • Product Code: B08P53FL5T
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