Bayside Candy Sesame Crunch, 2Lbs

Out Of Stock Bayside Candy Sesame Crunch, 2Lbs

Bayside Candy Sesame Crunch, 2LBS

  • A HEALTHIER ALTERNATIVE to conventional ginger, these dried ginger chews are made with USDA certified organic ginger & dried with no preservatives. Create your own fruit syrups, bake into bread & desserts, use in smoothies or enjoy by themselves.
  • ORGANIC TRAVEL SNACK: The dried ginger snack pouch has a resealable opening that keeps snacks fresh & is a great travel snack. Fit into a bag or purse & pull them out when you want a healthier snack. Gluten free & made of USDA organic dried fruit.
  • ORGANIC GINGER: The USDA certified organic dried crystallized ginger cubes are dried with no preservatives. A healthy and guilt free snack, munch on these natural ginger cubes for a sweet treat that curbs cravings
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  • Brand: Bayside Candy
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