Best Of Thailand Japanese Pink Pickled Sushi Ginger | Fresh Slic

Best Of Thailand Japanese Pink Pickled Sushi Ginger | Fresh Slic

Best of Thailand Japanese Pink Pickled Sushi Ginger | Fresh Sliced Young Gari Ginger in All Natural, Sweet Pickling Brine with Color | Fat Free, Sugar Free, No MSG, Certified Kosher | 2 Jars of 12oz

  • A FRESH, SWEET, FLAVORFUL PALATE REFRESH: Known in Japan as “Gari” or “Shin-shoga no amazu-zuki”, pickled young ginger is served and eaten to reset the palate between different sushi dishes or like an aperitif before or after a meal.
  • TRADITIONAL JAPANESE SUSHI MASTERS’ RECIPE: Our signature Gari begins with premium young ginger, sliced thinly, then soaked in rice vinegar, sugar-free sweetener and salt. All-natural coloring yields classic red ginger color. Fat free, no MSG and certified OK Kosher.
  • PERFECT BALANCE OF SILKY SOFT WITH GENTLE BITE: When properly marinated, young ginger loses its tough, fibrous chew, giving way to a soft, slaw-like bite. It’s a pleasure to eat on its own or as an accompaniment, and complements rather than overpowers the main dish.
  • A DELICIOUS ADDITION TO EASTERN-STYLE DISHES: Give your sushi a sidekick. Add a touch of sweetness to your stir-fry or some tanginess to your Aisian-style noodle dish. No matter how you cook up your meals, this ginger is sure to spice things up.
  • LOW CALORIE YET MAXIMUM FLAVOR & POTENCY: Get two 12-ounce jars of our finest fresh-pickled sushi ginger without the high calorie content. Best of Thailand’s sugar free recipe packs all the flavor while containing 85% fewer calories than sugar-sweetened ginger.
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