Beveri Nutrition-Organic Golden Milled Flax Seed-Fine Milled See...

Beveri Nutrition-Organic Golden Milled Flax Seed-Fine Milled See...

Beveri Nutrition—Organic Golden Milled Flax Seed—Fine Milled Seed—A Natural, Essential High-Protein + Fiber Superfood—1 Pound Bag (Packaging May Vary)

  • FOR BETTER HEALTH Beveri Nutrition Fine Milled Flax Seeds are an essential organic superfood to add to any diet. Rich in fiber & omega fatty acids, flax seeds deliver a nutty taste & are believed to aid with digestion, cholesterol, diet/weight loss & more.
  • 2 TABLESPOONS A DAY A daily dose of flax seeds provides 4g of fiber, 3g of ALA Omega-3, an antioxidant boost for a healthy diet & enzymes for the immune system. Compare the benefits of flax against hemp & chia seeds, acacia, kamut, maskal teff, & amaranth.
  • A VERSITILE SEED Beveri flax seeds are easy to add to your daily diet. Sprinkle the fine ground seed on fresh salads or cereal, or roll full seeds to baking recipes for texture & crunch. Stir into soup or yogurt, or blend into liquids, like smoothies.
  • A HEALTHY & WHOLESOME CHOICE Beveri Nutrition products are designed to make healthy choices easy by tasting great & being easy to use & effective. Try the whole range of our organic flax seed, chia seeds, coconut oils & variety of rBGH-free whey proteins.
  • BEVERI QUALITY Compare our flax products with brands such as Spectrum Essentials, NOW Foods, Bob's Red Mill, Badia, Viva Naturals, Garden of Life, Arrowhead Mills, Terrasoul, Hodgson Mill, Carrington Farms, Sprout Revolution, Premium Gold, & Nature's Way.
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