Bija Chocolates Organic 45% Milk And 70% Dark Chocolate Mixed Bu

Bija Chocolates Organic 45% Milk And 70% Dark Chocolate Mixed Bu

K'UL Chocolate Bars | Dark Chocolate 70+80% Cacao | Burnt Maple Crunch + Sea Salt Almond + Himalayan Sea Salt | Organic, Paleo, Vegan, Gluten and Soy Free, Fair Trade, Craft Artisan Chocolate, Non Gmo, Bittersweet, Bean-to-Bar Chocolate (3 pack)

  • NO FUNKY INGREDIENTS - We believe food should be organic, simple, and clean. Every K’UL Chocolate bar starts with only 3 simple ingredients; organic fair trade cacao beans, organic fair trade cocoa butter, and organic fair trade sugar. We never use emulsifiers such as soy lecithin in any of our chocolates.
  • BEAN TO BAR - We create all of our chocolate from cacao beans that we source, to ensure we can control quality from the beginning of the production process. We are one of a small handful of artisan chocolate makers in the United States that roasts, winnows, refines, conches, and packages our chocolate inside our factory to meet our exceptionally high-quality standards.
  • CHOCOLATE YOU CAN TRUST - We believe food should be organic, simple, and clean. All chocolate bars in this collection contains 100% certified organic Fair Trade cacao, organic Fair Trade cocoa butter, organic Fair Trade Brazilian eco-sugar. These chocolate bars are 100% Soy-Free, Gluten-Free, and Non-GMO.
  • OUR MISSION - We believe that if you invest in women, they will reinvest in their families and communities. That’s why we work directly with women’s associations & small farmers to help provide economic and organic certification support. These relationships allow us to work with & purchase from partners who align with our mission and values. We firmly believe that they are the future of the new chocolate movement to provide economic stability for growers and processors at the country of origin.
  • INNOVATIVE PACKAGING: Created and launched innovative, first-to-market, re-closable zipper seal for chocolate bars in the category. Zipper seal maintains the integrity of the chocolate by reducing oxidation and provides resealable pouch to store chocolate for longer period to meet consumer demand for smaller portion-size consumption.
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